In order to give greater value to our Clients, to our profession and in general to the MICE industry, we consider the professionalization of all of us who work in the design and management of events a key differential factor.

For this reason, the organization of Mallorca: Destino MICE is committed to offering conferences by international experts and the most practical and advanced specialized training:

 Training sessions for all attendees

. Intro Session of “Event Design Canvas”

. Presentation on “Return on Investment of events”

. Roundtables: – Industry Associations

– MICE Destinations

– Adaptation of the MICE Industry to the digital world


Advanced training sessions with limited places

. Training session of Meeting Design Meetovation (15 seats)

. Event Design Canvas training session (15 seats)


Meeting Design, Meetovation

We have invited to Mallorca: Destination MICE Karin Krogh, creative director, engaging meetings Ltd, the leading European specialist in Meeting Design, to explain what Meetovation is all about, being an innovative method for designing events that is based on 5 principles: Local Inspiration, Sustainable Thinking, Active Participation, Creative Set ups, and ROI.

Standard events have come to an end. We are too lazy to go as assistants and we do not enjoy organizing them either. We all know that if we are involved in an event, if we can actively participate and even take some decisions, our level of interest goes up, our satisfaction increases, we learn more, we know more people and we are eager to return to the next edition.

Keeping the attention of the public awake for more than 20 minutes is a challenge that our speaker will teach us to face with more opportunities for success.
During this three-hour session Karin Krogh will present us success stories and give us examples, suggestions and simple and effective ideas that we can apply immediately in our events.

If your clients ask you to be creative in organizing the next corporate event, if on the last occasion you thought that the attendees were looking at their mobile a bit too often or were drinking too much coffee to stay tuned, this session is designed for you! Limited places!

Event Canvas

During Mallorca: Destination MICE, attendees will be able to get to know Event Canvas with Ángeles Moreno, one of the first graduates in Spain, founder of The Creative Dots and president of MPI Spain. The Event Design Certificate (EDC) is a training program certified by the University of Amsterdam and MPI that consists of an ‘event design’ methodology that can be applied and shared with all the agents involved in the organization of an event (the promoter of the event, the event planner, and the different stakeholders).

During the process all data are analyzed in three successive phases, which are: identifying the change we want to occur as a result of the event, analyzing the framework in which the event takes place, and finally designing the event to achieve the objectives that have been defined in the process.
The methodology, conceived by Ruud Janssen and Roel Frissen, uses several tools and resources focused on understanding how to change the assistant’s behavior: work in small groups, direct questions to the promoter of the event to understand what he wants to achieve during it – taking into account the motivations and concerns of each of the stakeholders, and empathy exercises to put ourselves in their place.

If you want to learn in a practical way how to apply the methodology in your company and plan events more effectively, we recommend that you sign up for this course that is being held for the first time in Mallorca after the success of its call in Granada – first time in Spain – in March 2017. Limited places!



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